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  • The Explosive Alan Podcast: Episode 37

    The Explosive Alan Podcast: Episode 37

Mission Complete!

A decidedly shabby response to our Puppeteer-themed competition, but the two entries we did get were both great, so well done to Shelly Bull and Dylan (AKA LeafyGuyDS) for making the effort. Shelly wins out for imagining Alan as a Tudor casually chilling out in a jug of mead. (“In case you are wondering it’s a Grimston ware jug. Found down a well in Illington. Dates from around 12th-14th century.”)¬†Well done, Shelly – send your postal address to the usual place.

Gallery: Assassin’s Creed IV in Genoa

The Italian city of Genoa may not actually feature in Assassin’s Creed IV, but the historical port features some startling architectural similarities to some of the Caribbean towns Edward Kenway visits on his travels. It’s also home to a vast replica of a 17th Century Spanish galleon, the perfect vessel on which to host a preview event for the game. Here’s a few snaps from our shoot.

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